Public protest in Castlerea following incident in which local men were allegedly assaulted by a Garda

Upwards of 700 took part in the event.

Sligo News File.

Hundreds of people took part in a protest in Castlerea in support of local men whom it’s alleged were assaulted by a garda.

The Garda Press Office released a press statement on Thursday saying gardai were investigating a “public order incident” in the Rose Lawn area of the town on December 9th.

It’s understood that during the incident, which is said to have occurred at about 1 am, a garda and two men suffered injuries which needed hospital treatment.

Gardai were reportedly investigating a burglary and a break-in at the time.

Upwards of 800 marched in the protest organised by a local man who said those participating wanted to show their support for the two men and their families.

In keeping with procedure, garda management has referred the matter to the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission.

Property repossessions are a daily occurrence in the North West, says a spokesman for Land League

Practice condemned by the ICSA.

Sligo News File.

Property repossessions are happening on a daily basis in the North West, according to a spokesman for the Land League Gerry O’Boyle.

His comments follow an incident where eight security workers were allegedly injured during the repossession of property in Strokestown last week.

O’Boyle said the eviction was not an isolated incident and is occurring across Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, ICSA rural development chairman Seamus Sherlock has called on financial institutions and vulture funds to cease what he called “the draconian act of forced eviction.

He said: “The unfortunate scenes at a Roscommon farmyard over recent days were reminiscent of something from the turn of the century. Nobody wants to see families being dragged and beaten out of their homes by security personnel.”

The ICSA, he added, is at the forefront of dealing with people in debt and has seen a sharp rise in the number of people seeking help with their efforts to restructure their debt issues with their lenders.

“Violence at farm gates is not the answer; meditation is the only show in town and ICSA are here to assist farm families who are making a genuine effort to honour their commitments, he said.

Abortion service to be imposed on overcrowded hospitals

Many doctors and nurses say they will not participate in killing infants in the womb.

Sligo News File.

The waiting list for hospital beds is growing ever longer, indeed so bad is it that last Wednesday for example 38 patients had to be left on trollies in Sligo.

Harris the health minister

However, things look set to become more demanding as Harris, the Health Minister bids to include abortions among the services at the country’s already crammed hospitals.

Infant killing facilities are being rolled out from January despite warnings that more time is needed to get the gruesome programme in place.

Some GP’s and nursing staff have already signalled their outright opposition to the killing of infants in the womb, vowing not to have anything to do with it. But there appears to be little respect for the genuinely held conscientious objection of doctors with warnings from Harris that where unwilling to participate they must refer a pregnant woman seeking to abort her baby to a medic willing to do the job.

Harris has announced that he is planning to introduce exclusion zones to stop protests outside abortion centres.

TD hits out over ‘Fine Gael baby killers’ graffiti on wall of Sligo constituency office

Incident discovered after the passage of government’s abortion legislation.

Sligo News File.

Who daubed anti-abortion graffiti on the constituency office of a Sligo Fine Gael TD?

Tony McLoughlin says the “…behaviour can never be condoned.”

Gardai are investigating.

The incident is understood to have occurred after the Oireachtas passed the controversial abortion legislation.

A front wall of the office on Sligo’s John Street was defaced with words including Fine Gael baby killers, Herod killers, scum bags.

Sligo mental health unit on schedule for completion next year

Structure to include single en-suite bedrooms.

Sligo News File

A new Sligo mental health unit at University Hospital is expected to be in operation by early 2020.

Current work on the inpatient facility, which commenced in mid -November is due for completion at the end of next year.

Local Fianna Fail TD Eamon Scanlon has said the unit will be a modern structure with single en-suite bedrooms.

It was important that the timeline for the development wasn’t “allowed to slip,” he said

Plea to auctioneers on the sale of farm property to vulture funds

‘Landowners unhappy over the way loans have been sold off.’

Sligo News File

What chance auctioneers and valuers will refuse to handle the sale of distressed property for financial institutions and vulture funds?

However, the ICSA has called on them “to come out publicly and state that they will not sell family farms, businesses or homes for vulture funds while meaningful engagement is taking place.”

Following a recent protest at the offices of an online property trading platform, the association said the site had withdrawn contentious lots from its portfolio.

A spokesman said that following the protest a fresh wave of landowners have looked to the ICSA for help and support. They feel aggrieved at the way their loans have been sold.

He said many are faced with losing everything, and the possibility of standoffs where families feel they have been mistreated is high, he said

“It’s time auctioneers & solicitors stand with the people and refuse to aid vultures in their quest for a quick profit. ICSA’s stance has always been mediation, not confrontation.

We will continue to seek outcomes that are palatable to all.”

Government investing in recreation as North West crying out for industry

Many small towns and villages are struggling to survive.

Rural broadband shifted to slow lane.

Sligo News File.

Tubbercurry-based Basta is understood to be back in business following a reported purchase but the job situation for the North West remains as bleak as ever.

A few enterprises have established bases in Sligo, one of them believed to be a call centre. However, the wider region continues to struggle with no great prospect of major new business emerging.

Smaller towns and villages are seriously lacking with many commercial premises already closed.

The government’s current focus is seen to be on the expansion of recreational facilities in which relatively modest allocations are being made. Publicity surrounding the funding is glossing over the absence of government investment in job-creating activity.

It is reckoned that it will be years before places such as Sligo attain the industrial and service sector status once enjoyed by the region. At present, significant industries being attracted to the country are locating mainly in the country’s capital, Dublin.

The much promised high-speed broadband for rural areas of the country appears to be back in the government’s slow lane. Local TD Marc MacSharry has said the development must represent value for money for the taxpayers. He has also submitted that the department must assess the “cost and analyse all options,” something which
could delay the rollout still further.

Sligo Leitrim has some four TD’s, two of them – Marc MacSharry and Eamon Scanlon – Fianna Fail, one Fine Gael, Tony McLoughlin and one Sinn Fein Martin Kenny.

Insurance companies apparently free to charge whatever they want for motor cover

EU prohibits State from adopting rules which require insurance companies to obtain prior insurance pricing approval.

Sligo News File.

The EU bans the State from setting the price for motor and other insurance products, according to the Minister for Finance.


Pascal Donohoe said in reply to a written parliamentary question that neither he nor the Central Bank can interfere in the provision or pricing of insurance products, “as these matters are of a commercial nature, and are determined by insurance companies based on an assessment of the risks they are willing to accept.

The position “is reinforced by the EU framework for insurance which expressly prohibits Member States from adopting rules which require insurance companies to obtain prior approval of the pricing or terms and conditions of insurance products. Consequently, I am not in a position to direct insurance companies as to the pricing level or terms or conditions that they should apply in respect of particular categories of drivers or vehicles,” he added.