‘Muslims who come into country never work and do not want to work’ – Councillor

‘I don’t take back a bloody word of it.’

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A local councillor has apparently stirred up a right old barney after reportedly telling a meeting of his area’s Municipal District that 98% of Muslims entering Ireland did not want to work.

Cllr. Seamus Treanor, Ind.
Cllr. Seamus Treanor, Ind.

According to the Northern Star newspaper, Independent member of Monaghan County Council Seamus Treanor made the remark as members of the body agreed to send a letter of condolence to the
French Ambassador following the slaughter of 84 people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice.

Joining in the expression of sympathy, Cllr. Treanor reportedly referred to the deportation earlier this month of a man identified by gardai as being involved in recruitment for the Islamic State.

He stated, said the report, “At last our Government has woken up to the danger of the Islam movement to western society.

“Apparently, they all want to come here but show absolutely no respect for our laws or culture.”

The councillor seemingly targeted “Amnesty International and other left-wing parties for making excuses for these families,” stating that if Muslims who came into the country did not like their way of life they should be escorted to the nearest airport and helped to leave the country.”

He is said to have claimed that Ireland’s welfare system would be stretched further by Muslim immigrants, adding that “98% of Muslims who come into this country never work and do not want to work.”

The report states that Cllr. Treanor went on to mention legislation introduced by the Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton in 2012 which had cost women who had taken time out from the workforce to raise their families €40 per week in their pensions.

The situation was scandalous “when you see people walking into our country who contribute to nothing and have their hand out for everything.”

Another report quoted Cllr. Treanor as saying in defence of his observations, “I don’t take back a bloody word of it” and that he had statistics showing Denmark had let in “30,000 of them and five years later 99% were on the dole.’

Members of Sinn Fein are understood to have denounced the councillor’s comments as “sectarian and inflammatory.”

Planning Board Inspector queries reason ‘Ballina tract of land was zoned for Phase 1 priority’

Board upholds decision of planning authority to refuse permission for proposed Knocknalyre housing project at Downhill Road.

Sligo News File Online

An Bord Pleanala has questioned why a proposed Ballina development site was zoned for Phase 1 priority.

PleanalaThe issue was raised by the Board’s Inspector following an appeal to the Board taken by Knocknalyre Limited against a decision of Mayo County Council to refuse the company planning permission for the
construction of four houses on lands at Downhill Road, Knocknalyre.

Among the reasons given for the rejection, the Council referenced the absence of public sewerage facilities to serve the site, stating, as well, that insufficient information had been submitted with the planning application.

The development was opposed by the Brusna Valley Preservation Society, who also subsequently issued a statement of grounds in which they urged An Bord Pleanala to turn down the Knocknalyre appeal.

In his report, the Board’s Inspector, L. Dockery said that “considering the sewage deficiencies, the location of the site a considerable distance from the town centre and the fact that the proposed development is dependent on individual pumping stations, I query why this particular tract of land was zoned for Phase 1 priority, over and above other lands, which at first glance would appear more suitable.

“I call the attention of the Board to this issue,” he said.

Mr. Dockery went on to state he had no information before him “to believe that the planning authority did not undertake a comprehensive assessment of the proposed development.

Downhill Road“The appellant contends that the issues raised in the reasons for refusal should have been dealt with by means of a request for Further Information. I do not concur with this assertion. There is a substantial lack of information on file. Considering this lack of information, all relating to major areas of concern, I consider the planning authority were correct in their decision.

“The applicant had the opportunity to address these issues now at appeal stage, but again no additional information of substance addressing these issues has been forthcoming.”

In conclusion, Mr. Dockery recommended that “the decision of the planning authority be upheld, and that permission be refused for the proposed development.”

The Board, “…decided to refuse permission generally in accordance with the Inspector’s recommendation, subject to the amendments shown in manuscript of attached copy of the Inspector’s draft reasons and considerations.”

For Goodness Shakes ‘allusion to masturbation’ advert banned by British ASA.

‘Video was likely to cause serious or widespread offence.

Sligo News File Online

The following ruling by the British Advertising Standards Authority was made in November 2013. This was approximately seventeen months before the company, My Goodness Limited, the subject of the referenced complaint, was acquired by Aurivo Co-operative Society, Tubbercurry, in March 2015.

Statement as published by the British Advertising Standards Authority.

ASA Ruling on My Goodness Ltd
My Goodness Ltd
Unit 4
55 Bendon Valley
SW18 4LZ

20 November 2013

Internet (video)

Health and beauty

Number of complaints:

Quiet Storm Ltd

Complaint Ref:


A video embedded in an e-mail promoting a sports supplement drink ASAincluded text above the video that stated “FOR GOODNESS SHAKES! WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?” with further text that overlaid the video stating “PRESS PLAY TO FIND OUT…”. Upon clicking on the play button, the ad linked to the advertiser’s own website, which featured a video that auto played. Text above the video stated “CHECK OUT OUR NEW ONLINE AD FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF FOR GOODNESS SHAKES FOR YOU AND YOUR MATES … We’re giving you the chance to WIN a year’s supply of For Goodness Shakes for you and five mates! All you have to do is watch the video below and click on the link at the bottom to share it with your mates” The video featured men in a range of public settings, with only their heads and upper torsos visible. In each instance they appeared to be holding something by their groin and their bodies were shaking with exertion. The final scene featured a man standing behind a woman in a lift. His body stopped shaking abruptly when he appeared to notice that something had landed on the woman’s back. He attempted to brush it off the woman before she stepped out of the lift, at which point it was revealed that he had been shaking a protein shake. The video closed with an image of the pre-mixed protein shake in a bottle, and text that stated “WE SHAKE FOR YOU … THE PROTEIN SHAKE WITHOUT THE SHAKER”.

The complainant challenged whether the video was likely to cause serious or widespread offence because of its implied references to masturbating in public. CAP Code (Edition 12) 4.1

My Goodness Ltd (My Goodness) said protein powders required vigorous and constant shaking to turn them into smooth shakes and their audience of young sports men were self-conscious about using protein shakers in public. They said the video was a humorous take on the real-life scenarios played out every day by using protein shakers and that the video used the risqué ‘it isn’t what you think it is’ comedy technique to highlight the awkwardness of shaking a shaker in public. They said the whistling soundtrack alerted viewers to the light-hearted comedy nature of the video from the start and that the final scene concluded the “is or isn’t it” guessing game by revealing that all the actors had been shaking a protein shaker. They said the situations portrayed were inspired by real-life situations of gym-goers and sportsmen shaking their shakers in public and that the video correctly depicted the most common way protein shakers were shaken ‒ at arm’s length, side to side and between the groin and waist. They said the video was shot with men actually shaking protein shakes and that the soundtrack used was recorded using a filled protein shaker. They believed that the scenes were all relevant to the product and context.

They said their target demographic for the ad was sports-interested adult males who would be able to relate to the embarrassing scenes depicted in the video and stated that the distribution schedule for the video had reflected this. They said the video was hosted on YouTube and was seeded to target specialist online communities such as sports clubs, communities and magazines, current affairs bloggers, male interest magazines and student communities. The video was also e-mailed to My Goodness’ database of registered protein & protein recovery shake customers who opted in to receive company e-mails. They provided information relating to which online channels and communities they targeted, and details of the demographic profile of their e-mail database. They stated that the video had not been advertised using general broadcast media so it was unlikely to have been seen outside the target market.
They said there were no explicit scenes shown in the video and the video was not intended to be offensive, shocking, sexually explicit or harmful. They believed that prevailing standards of mainstream, primetime TV comedy allowed young adults to view sexually explicit scenes and that, in comparison with these, the cheeky nature of the ad was relatively mild and tame. They understood the ad contained comedy which some may find distasteful, but did not consider it to be in breach of the Code.


The ASA considered that, although there was no explicit sexual content in the video, adults would interpret the men’s activities as an allusion to masturbation. We noted that the final scene, which featured a man standing behind a woman in a lift, would be understood by adult viewers as indicating that the man had ejaculated onto the woman’s back, before it was revealed that he had been shaking a protein shake.

We acknowledged that the demographic profile of My Goodness’ e-mail database meant that the e-mail containing the video was likely to have been seen mainly by their target audience of young, sports-interested adult men and we considered that the video was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence amongst that audience. However, we considered that many of the other online channels that hosted the video, such as a news and entertainment website, were likely to appeal to a wider audience who would find the references to public masturbation, and particularly to ejaculating on another person, offensive.

We concluded that, in the context of marketing for a sports supplement drink and in light of the fact that the ad was likely to be seen by a varied audience, the video was likely to cause serious or widespread offence.

The ad breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rule 4.1 (Harm and offence).

The ad must not appear again in its current form. We told My Goodness to ensure their future advertising contained nothing that was likely to cause serious or widespread offence.

The ruling of the BASA is dated 20 November 2013.

Chairman of Aurivo Board steps down.

Cunniffe elected to position in 2014.

Sligo News File Online.

Tom Cunniffe has stepped down as chairman of the Board of Aurivo.

Sligo Offices, Aurivo
Sligo Offices, Aurivo

A native of Breaffy, Castlebar, and a dairy farmer, directors of the co-op elected him to the position in July 2014.

He graduated with a Diploma in Corporate Direction following a short course promoted by ICOS – the Irish Co-operative Organisation.

Actions progressed by Aurivo in the last few years include the relocation of its headquarters and staff from Tubbercurry to offices in a business park at Finisklin, and the transfer of its milk processing from the outskirts of Sligo to Donegal.

The co-operative also announced the ending of the Connacht Gold butter operations at the more than 100-year-old Achonry facility and its transfer to Cork-based Ornua, formerly the Irish Dairy Board, with the reputed loss of 23 jobs at the Achonry site.

Ornua, of which the chairman of the board is Aurivo CEO, Aaron Forde, transformed the company’s corporate identity from the Irish Dairy Board to Ornua in March 2015.

Ornua’s Bord of Directors also includes the Mayo-based farmer and President of the ICMSA, John Comer, Boleyard, Shraheens.

It is not clear why the decision to switch the Achonry butter operations from South Sligo to the Kerrygold butter production and packing plant in Cork was taken.

According to RTE, Ornua has revealed in its annual report that it paid a total of €9 million to its top nine executives over 2014 and 2015.

The report, says RTE, also showed that the amount it paid in directors’ fees increased by 44% over the previous two years.

The Sunday Times reported that Companies Office documents revealed that Aurivo, formerly Connacht Gold, paid “€28m to gain control of For Goodness Shakes, a British maker of protein-based drinks and snacks.”

The report stated that the co-op completed the purchase of privately held My Goodness Limited, 55 Bendon Way, owner of the food brand, in March 2015 “but did not disclose the purchase price.”

At the end of May, Aurivo announced that “For Goodness Shakes ready for Hell!

Perry finally pulls off mammography unit for Sligo.

New service scheduled to be rolled out within next few months.

Sligo News File Online

Former TD/Junior Minister, John Perry
Former TD/Junior Minister, John Perry

John Perry, who lost his Dail seat in the last election, will no doubt be delighted that his persistent campaigning for the provision of a mammography service at Sligo Hospital has paid off at last.

Others may seek to claim credit for the development, but many will hold that it was Perry’s persistence which triumphed at the end of the day.

The service, promised during the lifetime of the last Government, will be widely welcomed by all who fought for long to secure it.

Barring some unforeseen hitch is hoped that the new service will be on stream in September.

A present serving politician has said the service was withdrawn from Sligo by the previous Fianna Fail – led Government

Sligo County Council to take housing developments in charge

Move expected to reduce immigrant and local families on waiting list.

Sligo News File Online

Sligo’s growing immigrant population is expected to benefit following reports that some housing developments are to be taken in charge by the local authority.

Earlier this year, former Environment Minister Alan Kelly said that a number of measures were being taken to address homelessness by “securing a supply of accommodation to house homeless households and mobilise the necessary supports.”

The mix of immigrant and local families on the Sligo housing waiting list isn’t shown in the press statement issued today. However, the total currently appealing to be housed is understood be up at around 1500 and rising.

The government has “provisionally” approved funding to help the county council take the identified housing estates in charge.

According to the Central Statistics Office, 69,300 people came to Ireland in the 12 months to the end of April 2015, an increase of more than 8,500 on the previous year.

In the same period, nearly 89,000 people emigrated from the State.

High Court rules on farm inspection case

Department failure to issue ‘complete’ EU Control Report.

Sligo News File Online

High CourtA ruling of the High Court could see the Department of Agricuture obliged to change practices with respect to farm inspections.

Central to the issue would appear to be lack of notice of inspections and the compilation of an EU required Control Report.

The matter was the subject of a case taken by a farmer in the South.

The court found that a Control Report which the department is legally bound to provide following an inspection did not contain documents essential to compliance with EU law.

Sinn Fein said, “Although farm health and safety, in terms of both the farmer and the animals is crucial, and inspections are necessary to ensure the high standards of Irish farming is maintained, the manner in which they are carried out needs to drastically improve.”

Bopp slates Wallace abortion Bill as ‘ill-informed campaign to dehumanise children diagnosed with life- limiting conditions’

‘The 8th Amendment has protected life equality for expectant mothers and babies alike’

Sligo News File Online

Prominent pro-life campaigner Kate Bopp has denounced the abortion Bill initiated by TD Mick Wallace proposing to grant access to abortion in the case of fatal foetal abnormalities.

In a letter to Sligo News File, the Tipperary-based mother of 5 said Abortion pic 1she was writing “to inject some much- needed balance into the current public discourse with regard to the ProLife Amendment of the Irish Constitution and TD Mick Wallace’s ill-informed campaign to dehumanise children diagnosed with Life- Limiting Conditions.”

She said, “The 8th Amendment has protected life equality for expectant mothers and babies alike. Without this amendment, there is no constitutional protection for the most vulnerable of our species.

“Not only are infants in the womb vulnerable due to their size and dependence upon their mothers, they are vulnerable to the perception of others.

“If a human life can be devalued and discarded following something as unscientific and illogical as perception then I fear we are going down a very unpredictable path indeed.

“No expert can predict with accuracy the exact time of anyone’s death. We are all born with a life-limiting-condition, it’s called mortality.

“There has been a significant number of inaccurate diagnoses as well as the sadly accurate diagnosed severe conditions.

“I remember seeing a discussion on Irish television a couple of years back. It featured a woman who had an abortion in the UK and women who gave birth and had a chance to hold their babies. The one woman who ‘had to go to England’ was visibly more distraught. …While the women had all lost a precious child those who had closure were visibly at peace with their loss. The woman who had an abortion clearly wasn’t. I felt so sorry for her. She was simply wheeled out onto the national broadcaster by the abortion lobby. It was callous manipulation of a woman who had nowhere to park her grief.

“Personally, one of the reasons for me is the same as one of the reasons I oppose the death penalty for any crime. If there’s even a one in several million chance that a person can be put to death for a crime of which they are not guilty then it simply should never be an option.

Abortion 2“Sadly as with those wrongly sentenced to death throughout history, there have also been numerous infants misdiagnosed with alleged life-limiting conditions, the truth of which only emerges post- abortion, which is as we all know too late. A miserable failure of humanity to cherish all and every member of our own species.

“If we truly are striving to defend and be seen to honestly defend equality then we HAVE to treat all human life with equal respect from womb to tomb.

“This by the way is the view of a woman who does not subscribe to any religious beliefs. The right to life of every human being in her mother’s womb regardless of sex, race or culture has nothing whatsoever to do with perception as regards the existence or non-existence of deities. It doesn’t matter whether or not a person believes in God. Preservation of the 8th Amendment and protection of the right to life is about tolerance, love and understanding. It’s about belief in life and the goodness in others. If we can show this compassion, love and understanding to the weakest of our species and their families then love truly wins.

“Only a self-serving and cowardly government and health service points a distressed woman towards abortion.

“How can we expect society overall to become more understanding and compassionate if we accept ending vulnerable lives as a solution?”