Taoiseach vows to make lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights a priority.

Varadkar, a homosexual, pledges to use his office to advance the cause of LGBT at home and abroad.

Sligo News File.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has pledged to use his office to promote the cause of lesbian. gay, bisexual and transgenger rights across Ireland and the world.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar (centre) pictured at Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parade in Dublin.

Speaking to about 10,000 participants in a LGBT Pride Parade in Dublin at the weekend, Varadkar, a homosexual, said: “I pledge as Taoiseach to use my office, for as long as I hold it, to advance the cause of LGBT rights, to press for marriage equality across Ireland, to speak up for LGBT rights around the world where they are under attack, and to push for the implementation of the sexual health strategy here at home at a time when it is more important than ever.

“I don’t think my election as Taoiseach actually made history, it just reflected it, reflected the enormous changes that had already occurred in our country.

“So, I don’t think that I have changed things for you; I think people like you have changed things for me,” said Mr Varadkar.

Plans are now afoot to make Madrid the world capital of homosexual pride, bringing together a mixture of commercialism and all-night partying.

Officials are said to have already installed some same-sex couple and gender neutral traffic lights across the city, which will remain in place even after the so-called World Pride is over.

An article in the respected American Association for the Advancement of Science magazine Science suggests homosexuality may be caused by chemical modifications to DNA. Research is ongoing.

Concerns mayor-in-waiting raised about impact migrants having on state resources branded ‘racist.’

‘…here from Eastern Europe ‘for the handouts.’

Varadkar called on to direct Fine Gael to nominate a different candidate.

Sligo News File

Comments of a mayoral candidate who reportedly claimed that the inflow of non-nationals into the country has placed “a major drain on the state” have been branded as ‘racist.’

Now the pressure is growing to have the councillor’s nomination for the mayoralty of the city rescinded.

Cllr. Stephen Keary, FG,
Limerick Mayoral Candidate.

The burst of political activity came after Stephen Keary apparently remarked at a meeting that people had come here from Eastern Europe “for the handouts.”

According to media sources, Cllr. Keary, the father-in-law of junior minister Patrick Donovan, said Ireland was known as “the home for the handouts,” and that the “influx” of non-nationals has placed “a major drain on the state” in relation to social housing and hospital waiting lists.

The view is not exceptional in parts of the country, but in Limerick, an emotional boil over in some leftist groups has seen the councillor’s comments branded as “racist.”

It appears to have upset some interests that a public representative would speak out as Keary has done, and also stating that welfare recipients from Eastern Europe see Ireland as “easy pickings.” Keary, an engineer and farmer, has apologised. However, there seems to be no assuaging the anger his observations are said to have aroused.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

A petition has been started calling on Taoiseach of Indian origin Leo Varadkar to intervene and direct his party to nominate a different candidate for the mayoralty.

Locally, a newspaper report states that a few Eastern European residents have written to local councillors asking them to reject Keary’s mayoral bid.

However, Keary, while apologising, has said he did not intend his remarks to cause offence. He has indicated that he expects both his party and Fianna Fail to support his nomination.
Last March, a newspaper report revealed that Ireland is at present doling out millions in child welfare benefits to families living in European states.

The payment is made to citizens of European Union states working here who have kids living back in their home countries.

According to the report, 7,938 children currently receive the payments. The payouts have rocketed from €11.85 million overall in 2014 to €13.27 million in 2016.

Poland appears to be the biggest beneficiary. Families of over 4,500 children receive €140 per month from the Irish government – the highest welfare rate in Poland is €30.

Ireland also reputedly supports hundreds of children in Romania and Latvia with payments of €140 per month. The monthly welfare rate in Romania is just €19; in Latvia, it is only marginally more than €34.

The government, says the report, also pays out huge welfare benefits for nearly 2,000 children in the UK.

Currently upwards of 28,000 illegal or undocumented migrants live and work in Ireland.

It is believed that the number of children and young people born in Ireland to parents illegally on Irish soil is as high as 5,000.

Dail selects new Fine Gael Taoiseach

Varadkar homosexual son of Indian immigrant.

Sligo News File

The Dail has selected a homosexual as Taoiseach.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Thirty-eight-year-old Leo Varadkar is the son of an Indian from Mumbai.

He is expected to form a cabinet after receiving the Taoiseach’s seal of office later this afternoon.

Enda Kenny, who is he has taken over from, has gone to the backbenches.

The cabinet is expected to include Mick Ring from Westport.

Ring and Sligo’s Tony McLoughlin were among the first to offer their support to Varadkar.

Fianna Fail is to remain part of the incoming government under a previous confidence and supply pact.

The Soldiers of Destiny apparently prefer to stick with the Fine Gael-led administration fearful that a general election could leave them with still fewer seats.

Varadkar has expressed a preference for people who rise early in the morning.

While in Social Protection he ushered in a campaign asking the public to inform his department where they suspected persons on welfare were collecting more in welfare payments that they should. The cross -party Public Accounts Committee later showed there was no basis for the Indian son’s crusade.

His action was taken by some to also refer to the State pension and benefits for the most marginalised in the country.

He spent a bit of time in health with seemingly little obvious improvement recorded in the service. He slashed millions from the mental health budget. Hospital waiting lists rocketed.

He has advocated outlawing strikes in essential services, something it’s felt could very quickly prove the undoing of his adopted government.

Kenny from Castlebar will be remembered locally for his leadership of a government that left the West and North West in the economic doldrums.

There have been few if any announcements of investment is new manufacturing industry, all while this last few years major production operations have been restricted to Dublin, Cork and a small number of other locations.

Roughly 30% of Sligo’s commercial units are idle, numerous others have changed hands.

Farming is in crisis and set to get worse – two years after Simon Coveney as Minister for Agriculture told farm leaders at a dairy filled breakfast in the Department of Agriculture of an upcoming era of prosperity and jobs for the dairy industry.

Young people continue to exit the region in search of employment on a massive scale.

Even political appointees are leaving. In April, the Chairman of the Western Development Commission Paddy McGuninness contacted Junior Minister Mick Ring requesting not to be considered for reappointment. Reportedly he took the decision because he believed that there was no commitment at either political or administrative level to balanced regional development nor was there any worthwhile plan to redress rural decline.

Meanwhile priorities of political parties – Sinn Fein, Fine Gael, Labour, Fianna Fail and an assemblage of lefties – are the eighth amendment on abortion and provision of drug injection facilities where young people will be able to legally consume/inject illicit substances obtained from criminal dealers on the street. As
well, the decriminalisation of all drugs, including heroin, cocaine and cannabis, is outlined in the forthcoming Dail National Drug Strategy.

In case people have forgotten, Sligo-Leitrim has four TDs. They are Tony McLoughlin (Fine Gael) Sinn Feiner Martin Kenny and two Fianna Failers, Marc MacSharry and Eamon Scanlon, the party’s  shadow spokesman on small business and the likes.

Varadkar’s partner is Matthew, a Mayo man from Erris.

Currently, long-term economic prospects for the country have a distinctively sickly look about them as the Oireachtas stares down the barrel of Brexit following the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, and its implications for the North and the Irish State.


Fine Gael elects homosexual son of Indian immigrant to lead party

Vast majority of ordinary members opt for rival.

Sligo News File.

Fine Gaelers have elected the homosexual son of an Indian immigrant as their party leader.

Leo Varadkar was pulled through by votes of party councillors and members of the Oireachtas.

However, the vast majority of the grass root members declared their support for his rival.

Simon Coveney, who fared poorly at the hands of the elected representatives, secured the backing  of 65% of the party’s  ordinary members.

The event is really only interesting for the fact that the next Taoiseach will be recognised as one of the few homosexuals to head up a government anywhere in the world

On the face of it, the indications are that homosexuality is now widely accepted in Ireland. First, there were the homosexual ‘marriage’ rights, then the right of homosexuals to adopt children and now this.

The world’s media is baffled as to how in a few years a Catholic country has yielded so much to pressures of middle-class entities demanding equal rights for homosexuals.

Varadkar, regarded as a right-wing conservative, was slammed when last month he launched a €200,845 campaign to encourage the reporting of social welfare fraud.

Sinn Fein TD Denise Mitchell reportedly took him to task saying: “It is extraordinary that the Social Protection Minister could take to the national airwaves and start waffling about people wearing false beards and make-up to fraudulently claim welfare payments when the department has no records to back up these assertions.”

Replies to parliamentary questions revealed just one suspected case of identity fraud had been identified in 2017.

Mitchell went on to say that “Leo Varadkar attempted to whip up a frenzy, claiming that people in disguises were defrauding the State. But the figures revealed today show that more focus should be spent on tackling overpayments in the system, which is where the real loss to the taxpayer occurs.”

Proposed legislation prepared by Varadkar is said to contain provisions to publish the names and addresses of people who have been convicted of welfare fraud, and the penalties they incurred.

Local backers of Dublin-based Varadkar include Michael Ring (Mayo) and Tony McLoughlin (Sligo-Leitrim)

Fianna Fáil, the party holding the government together, has come out strongly against a proposal of Varadkar’s to ban workers in vital sectors from striking.

Dara Calleary said his party would not support it.

Fianna Fail has also stated they are ready for a snap election at any time. Selection of candidates could be carried out in a matter of days, they noted.