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Allow valuers do their job on valuation of TB reactors says ICSA

Concern that ‘too much subtle pressure being put on valuers to avoid giving the real value of a high calibre cow or heifer.’

Sligo News File.

ICSA Animal Health & Welfare chairman Hugh Farrell has called on the Department to allow valuers to do their job when it comes to the live valuation system for TB reactors.

He said:

“When it comes to breeding stock, or animals with show potential, there has to be flexibility in the system to allow valuers to give an honest and true assessment of what an animal is worth. In these cases, average price ranges from thousands of animals sold in marts each week is meaningless.

“ICSA is concerned that too much subtle pressure is being put on valuers to avoid giving the real value of a high calibre cow or heifer. As it stands, the odds are stacked against a farmer who has TB reactors. While the farmer can appeal the valuation, so too can the Department. The panel is selected by the Department in the first case, but we hear stories of valuers being afraid that they will be removed from the panel if they are deemed too favourable to farmers.

“While everybody accepts that valuations should be accurate, it is manifestly the case that some animals, particularly breeding animals, can be worth several hundred euros in excess of the typical price. Penny pinching over this is a pointless exercise in the context of the overall budget because we are only talking about a very small minority of animals. However, where a farmer has spent years breeding livestock and has invested in having the best of stock, it is very upsetting and frustrating to see the Department second guessing experienced valuers. Moreover, the sense that valuers are looking over their shoulders all the time is out there and this is not acceptable.

“Unless there is a strong body of evidence that a valuer is continuously getting it wrong, the Department should accept that at times, there will be stock that are much more valuable than any paper exercise in average values.

“We also need to ensure that compensation for reactors adequately reflects the impact of the loss of the cow. In cases, the cow will be a reactor before the calf is ready for weaning and at the same time, the calf will not be saleable. This will result in a loss of value in the calf which needs to be reflected in the price paid for the cow.”

Cabots of Westport recalling batch of basil pesto owing to ‘detection of Listeria’

FSAI says point of sale notices will be displayed in stores that sold implicated batch.

Sligo News File

The Foof Safety Authority has said Cabots of Westport has recalled a batch of Basil Pesto from stores owing to detection of Listeria monocytogenes.

Pack size of the batch is given as 180g.

A notice on the website of the FSAI says point of sale notices will be displayed in stores that sold the implicated batch

McLoughlin raises status of new Sligo phychiatric unit with the Taoiseach

‘People lobbying for provision of the unit to be treated as urgent.

Sligo News File

The status of plans for the new psychiatric unit at Sligo University Hospital has been raised with the Taoiseach by Fine Gael TD Tony McLoughlin.

Tony McLoughlin TD…questioned Taoiseach on status of new Sligo physiatric unit

McLoughlin sought confirmation during Leaders’ Questions on Tuesday about the date on which work is to start on the project. 

He said: “I met quite a number of people over the summer who have been lobbying to ensure this would be an urgent case.

“I ask that we would get a timeframe as a matter of urgency.”

Varadkar said that in excess of €10 billion had been set aside for investment in new buildings, new equipment and ICT in our health service over the next ten years.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, TD

“As is always the case, it is not possible to complete every project this year or next so it will have to be profiled. osepha Madigan

“I will ask the Minister for Health to give the Deputy an indicative timeline if he has one,” he said.

W.B. Yeats Collection 

The prospect of Sligo County Council borrowing the W.B. Yeats collection has also been raised by McLoughlin The works, containing thousands of items, are held in the National Library in Dublin.

Minister for Culture Josepha Madigan said the Deputy’s request was a day-to-day one for the Library. She had referred his question there for their separate consideration and direct reply, she said.


Mayo-based judge Mary Devins to retire?

Appointed to the district court in 1998.

Sligo News File

There are reports that Mayo-based judge Mary Devins is to retire after twenty years on the bench.

Devins was appointed to the district court in 1998.

She previously practiced as a solicitor in Sligo.

She is married to former Fianna Fail Minister of State Jimmy Devins

Protest at Dail over the mass closure of post offices

Almost 160 mainly rural-based post offices to be axed.

Sligo News File.

Campaigners protesting against the ongoing closure of the post office network are taking their fight to the Dail.

Groups across the country are taking part in the protest planned to coincide with the resumption of the Oireachtas tomorrow.

An Post has announced that nearly 160 post offices, most of them rural-based, are scheduled to be shut over the next few months.

Fianna Fail leader Micky Martin is meanwhile reported to have said that his party will not be making the mass closure of the offices a red line issue in government negotiations on the budget.

However, it’s understood Sinn Fein are proposing to table a motion in the Dail to demand a reversal of the closure decision.

Roscommon’s Flanagan in rant against Hungarian Prime Minister

‘You are dirt’

Sligo News File.

The EU parliament fell silent when Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan the MEP for Roscommon and surrounding counties rose to speak. The target of his some would say insulting speech last week was Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

“Mr. Orban,” said Ming, “I am no fan of the EU, but I have to say you completely and utterly disgust me.

“You talk in pejorative terms about how you don’t want your country to turn into a country of migrants.

“Well, you’ll really hate me then and my children because both my children’s parents; their four grandparents, nine out of ten of their uncles, six out of six of their aunts and if they, in the countries that they went to, had to face what you’re doing to immigrants, well it wouldn’t be a good thing. Signs put out on doors of people that help them,
punishing educational institutes who support them.

Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, MEP

My wife is a Kelly, one of the most common immigrant names. Yet still, we have a Kelly in here who describes you as having courage and how he respects you.

“I don’t the Flanagan’s and the Kelly’s and the immigrants of this world would respect you.

“I’d say it again; don’t like the European Union, but as far as I am concerned you are dirt.”

Sligo church broken into and damaged during the weekend

Second church in the county to be targeted by vandals in a few months.

Sligo News File

A further rise in Sligo’s crime rate has been recorded with damage to a church in the town.

St. Anne’s on Cranmore Road was broken into and vandalised last night.

It’s understood that the church was extensively damaged and items stolen during the incident.

Gardai are asking for anyone with information to contact them on 071 915 7000.

The attack on the church is the second in the county in a few months.

A chalice and it’s believed some money was taken when the Star of the Sea Church in Rathlee was broken into in July.

The chalice was later recovered.

Leader investment in Mayo town music festival

Free events later in September.

Sligo News File

Leader funding has been granted for a music festival in Ballina.

A local senator says acts have been confirmed for free events throughout the town on 28 and 29 September.

The €55,000 is a small, but welcome boost for Ballina where many businesses are struggling to survive.

The town has two Oireachtas members, Fine Gael Senator Mulhern and Fianna Fail TD Calleary.