ICSA calls on Minister to intervene on the Clean Lifestock Policy as Kepak suspends lamb processing

Kepak decision ‘proves policy cannot work in its current format.’

Sligo News File.

ICSA sheep chairman John Brooks has called on agriculture Minister Michael Creed to intervene following “news that Kepak has suspended processing of lamb due to difficulties surrounding the Clean Livestock Policy for sheep.

Commenting on the Kepak decision he said, “ICSA has spent the last number of weeks highlighting that this policy cannot work in its current format. Today’s shutdown …unfortunately proves this point.”

At this point, he said, “nothing short of an intervention from Minister Michael Creed will suffice. This is an absolute disaster for our important sheep export sector.

“We can’t blame Kepak because it is clear that what has been going on in recent days is total gridlock which no business could sustain.

“This move…must be taken seriously and CLP will have to be have to be modified without delay.”