ICSA ‘disappointment’ over Government inaction on fodder transport subsidy

No comittment  on aid for meal vouchers or transport of straw.

Sligo News File.

The absence of a “conclusive announcement” on a transport subsidy for fodder has been described as “a disappointment.”

Gabriel Gilmartin,
Chairman, Sligo ICSA

Sligo Chairman of the ICSA Gabriel Gilmartin said that “despite recent soundings to the contrary, regrettably no announcement on a transport subsidy was forthcoming today.”

Commenting following a meeting of the Fodder Action Group in Sligo this afternoon, he also spoke of his disappointment “that no concession on the provision of meal vouchers was forthcoming either.

“ICSA is seeking meal vouchers as they are a critical component in alleviating the crisis. ICSA is arguing that meal vouchers can offer a better value solution than transporting fodder across the country at huge cost. These would have to be in the order of €40 per tonne and must be central to any solution.”

He said there was further concern with indications from Department officials present at the meeting that the transport of straw wouldn’t be subsidised, something which has
“compounded the difficulties.”

The ICSA will, however, continue to press for transport subsidies for straw as well as hay and silage as a matter of urgency,” he added