ICSA – Growing alarm over ‘soundings’ on post 2020 CAP

‘Maintaining the budget has to be an absolute priority.’

Sligo News File.

ICSA president Patrick Kent has said he is alarmed at soundings coming from Brussels that a reduced CAP budget post 2020 could be on the cards.

President of the ICSA Patrick Kent

“Maintaining the CAP budget has to be an absolute priority and I would urge Minister Creed, Taoiseach Varadkar and Commissioner Hogan to vigorously oppose any such move.”

A list of options set out in an EU Commission budget document published earlier today suggested that savings to the overall EU budget to tune of €60bn could be made if the CAP budget was reduced by 15%. This figures rises to €120bn in savings with a 30% cut to CAP spending.

The ICSA Chief said he was horrified that a reduced CAP budget would even be contemplated, given the challenges facing the agriculture sector.

“ICSA has been calling for an increase to the CAP budget to meet those challenges. The pressure is on with Brexit uncertainty, international trade deals and an increasing onus on farmers with regard to climate change. It is unconscionable that any cut in CAP payments could even be considered.”