Plea to auctioneers on the sale of farm property to vulture funds

‘Landowners unhappy over the way loans have been sold off.’

Sligo News File

What chance auctioneers and valuers will refuse to handle the sale of distressed property for financial institutions and vulture funds?

However, the ICSA has called on them “to come out publicly and state that they will not sell family farms, businesses or homes for vulture funds while meaningful engagement is taking place.”

Following a recent protest at the offices of an online property trading platform, the association said the site had withdrawn contentious lots from its portfolio.

A spokesman said that following the protest a fresh wave of landowners have looked to the ICSA for help and support. They feel aggrieved at the way their loans have been sold.

He said many are faced with losing everything, and the possibility of standoffs where families feel they have been mistreated is high, he said

“It’s time auctioneers & solicitors stand with the people and refuse to aid vultures in their quest for a quick profit. ICSA’s stance has always been mediation, not confrontation.

We will continue to seek outcomes that are palatable to all.”