Simplify sheep scheme rules – ICSA

Category A options ‘too limiting for hill farmers.’

Welcome for extension of carbon navigator deadline.

Sligo News File Online.

The ICSA has called on the Department of Agriculture to curtail ‘bureaucracy’ surrounding the operation of the new sheep scheme.

John Brooks, Chairman,
ICSA National Sheep Committee

A particular concern is Category A where the ICSA believes the “options are too limiting particularly for hill farmers,” said the Chairman of the association’s Sheep Committee, John Brooks.

Commenting after the Association met with officials of the department, Mr. Brooks said that keeping bureaucracy to the absolute minimum was essential to attracting “maximum uptake.”

He said, “…going forward with the scheme we will be lobbying for a flexible approach to be taken, particularly with regard to new entrants and young farmers.

“The ICSA delegation,” he added, “pressed upon the department the need to ensure that payments due under the scheme would be made in full and on time in the 2017 calendar year.”

Lowering Agricultural Greenhouse Gases.

Dermot Kelleher, Chairman of the ICSA Suckler Committee, has welcomed the department’s decision extending the BDGP carbon navigator deadline by a month.

Dermot Kelleher,
Chairman, ICSA Suckler Committee

He said both farmers and advisors “have been under enormous pressure as the deadline loomed so this move will be appreciated by many.

“Farmers have invested a lot in the scheme to date, so this extension was critical to ensure that as much of the available funds as possible is ultimately drawn down.

“The new deadline of 30 November,” he said, “will give everyone involved in the scheme a better opportunity, given the difficulties, to comply with all the requirements.”