Fianna Fail backs ‘abolition’ of water tax

Fine Gael and Labour now only defenders of despised regime.

Sligo News File Online.

The government supporting Fianna Fail party that agreed to reintroduce water charges in a pact with the Troika has apparently finally caved into public pressure and is now proposing a “permanent end” to the charges.

According to reports, the Soldiers of Destiny have made a submission to the Expert Committee on Domestic Water Services saying the entire system should be funded through general taxation by way of direct subvention from the exchequer.

The move will be seen as a significant victory for householders who turned out in the tens of thousands in campaigns led by left-wing parties and unions to topple the objectionable levies. It also means Fine Gael and Labour are left virtually isolated as the only defenders of the sweepingly despised system.

However, new pressures seem likely as the main political parties now face increasing demands for the abolition of the equally foul property tax on the family home. The foundations for the tax were laid by the last Fianna Fail-led Coalition to force the people to pay for the economic and social catastrophe caused during their years in government. The widely resisted measure was later fully implemented by the Fine Gael headed Coalition when they brought the Revenue Commissioners on board to see to it that every cent of the detested tax was collected.