Abortion service to be imposed on overcrowded hospitals

Many doctors and nurses say they will not participate in killing infants in the womb.

Sligo News File.

The waiting list for hospital beds is growing ever longer, indeed so bad is it that last Wednesday for example 38 patients had to be left on trollies in Sligo.

Harris the health minister

However, things look set to become more demanding as Harris, the Health Minister bids to include abortions among the services at the country’s already crammed hospitals.

Infant killing facilities are being rolled out from January despite warnings that more time is needed to get the gruesome programme in place.

Some GP’s and nursing staff have already signalled their outright opposition to the killing of infants in the womb, vowing not to have anything to do with it. But there appears to be little respect for the genuinely held conscientious objection of doctors with warnings from Harris that where unwilling to participate they must refer a pregnant woman seeking to abort her baby to a medic willing to do the job.

Harris has announced that he is planning to introduce exclusion zones to stop protests outside abortion centres.