American military using Shannon to ‘funnel death and destruction around the world’ – Wallace

‘What is happening in Yemen is horrific.’

Sligo News File.

The American military has been using Shannon airport to funnel death and destruction around the world.

Making the charge, TD Mick Wallace told the Dail that “what it is doing in Yemen today has to be the most inhuman and disgusting episode yet.

“What is happening to that country is horrific, and we do not even get proper news coverage of it because the mainstream media is controlled in terms of the information being presented on that conflict.

People fighting for their lives

“The line bandied about is that the people being targeted are Houthis and supported by Iran. That is absolute nonsense. They are ordinary people, fighting for their lives and their dignity.

“White phosphorous was dropped in north Yemen by the bucketful. Did it come through Shannon? Do we care?”

White phosphorous

He added: “The Minister has said that other Departments are making these calls, but the Defence Forces are in Shannon and are looking after planes that could be carrying cluster bombs or white phosphorous on their way to Yemen, the Saudis or the United Arab Emirates.

“It is simply immoral.”