As homeless die on our streets government planning to heap more migrants on the State

Nearly 1,000 more to be invited to Ireland before the end of the year.

Sligo News File.

Despite deaths on streets of the country for want of accommodation, it is believed the government is gearing up to pull more migrants into the State.

The plan, it’s said, is being worked on while currently over 10,000 people, thousands of them children are being left on the streets of the State; there is no place for them to live. They are cold; they are hungry and would be abandoned to even greater suffering if charitable organisations were not around to offer some level of support.

Death is inescapable. Only a few days ago two died while sleeping rough. They are not by any means the only ones to die homeless. But the deaths and the shocking conditions to which families are reduced apparently count for little consideration from government. Their uncaring attitude seemingly knows no bounds; reports are that they are now making ready to invite nearly 1,000 more migrants to the country before the end of this year.

With so many people in the State already dying or suffering on the streets, so many without a roof over the heads of themselves and their children, what is driving the government to ignore the naked hardship? What is driving them to make things even worse by apparently deciding to add more migrants to the number of desperate cases – both our own and others – already stacked up here.

The Immigration Minister has said that migrant Emergency Reception and Orientation centres are bursting at the seams. So bad is the situation, the government is now roaming the country trying to find places for new centres, even though communities are increasingly opposing the action. Migration centres are costing taxpayers millions upon millions. The money is coming out of the wages and salaries of taxpayers many of whom themselves are struggling to survive on often rock bottom incomes.

Fewer believe that the huge number entering the State are all refugees. They are virtually all, however being allowed to stay. Few are being returned. If anything, government is making it easier for foreigners to remain in the State. It doesn’t matter that there’s a housing crisis, it doesn’t matter that schools are under pressure, it doesn’t matter that hospitals are so overcrowded patients have to be heaped onto trolleys; it doesn’t matter that thousands are on waiting lists for hospital procedures. It doesn’t appear anything matters where the current government and its Fianna Fail backers are concerned.

Just a few months ago, in December, the government also went on to sign up the country to a UN global compact in Morocco to make the movement of African and other migrants to States, including Ireland easier. Several states – Italy, Hungary,
Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Chile, Australia, Austria as well as the United States – refused to have anything to do with the accord, an agreement understood to have been encouraged, if not initiated by international banking and global corporations.

A spokesman for the Austrian government reportedly said it feared that to sign the compact would lead to ‘a human right to migration.’ The compact, which aims to ultimately make opposition to migrants a criminal offence still hasn’t been discussed by the Dail where months ago a number of TDs were told it would be presented for debate.