Bopp slates Wallace abortion Bill as ‘ill-informed campaign to dehumanise children diagnosed with life- limiting conditions’

‘The 8th Amendment has protected life equality for expectant mothers and babies alike’

Sligo News File Online

Prominent pro-life campaigner Kate Bopp has denounced the abortion Bill initiated by TD Mick Wallace proposing to grant access to abortion in the case of fatal foetal abnormalities.

In a letter to Sligo News File, the Tipperary-based mother of 5 said Abortion pic 1she was writing “to inject some much- needed balance into the current public discourse with regard to the ProLife Amendment of the Irish Constitution and TD Mick Wallace’s ill-informed campaign to dehumanise children diagnosed with Life- Limiting Conditions.”

She said, “The 8th Amendment has protected life equality for expectant mothers and babies alike. Without this amendment, there is no constitutional protection for the most vulnerable of our species.

“Not only are infants in the womb vulnerable due to their size and dependence upon their mothers, they are vulnerable to the perception of others.

“If a human life can be devalued and discarded following something as unscientific and illogical as perception then I fear we are going down a very unpredictable path indeed.

“No expert can predict with accuracy the exact time of anyone’s death. We are all born with a life-limiting-condition, it’s called mortality.

“There has been a significant number of inaccurate diagnoses as well as the sadly accurate diagnosed severe conditions.

“I remember seeing a discussion on Irish television a couple of years back. It featured a woman who had an abortion in the UK and women who gave birth and had a chance to hold their babies. The one woman who ‘had to go to England’ was visibly more distraught. …While the women had all lost a precious child those who had closure were visibly at peace with their loss. The woman who had an abortion clearly wasn’t. I felt so sorry for her. She was simply wheeled out onto the national broadcaster by the abortion lobby. It was callous manipulation of a woman who had nowhere to park her grief.

“Personally, one of the reasons for me is the same as one of the reasons I oppose the death penalty for any crime. If there’s even a one in several million chance that a person can be put to death for a crime of which they are not guilty then it simply should never be an option.

Abortion 2“Sadly as with those wrongly sentenced to death throughout history, there have also been numerous infants misdiagnosed with alleged life-limiting conditions, the truth of which only emerges post- abortion, which is as we all know too late. A miserable failure of humanity to cherish all and every member of our own species.

“If we truly are striving to defend and be seen to honestly defend equality then we HAVE to treat all human life with equal respect from womb to tomb.

“This by the way is the view of a woman who does not subscribe to any religious beliefs. The right to life of every human being in her mother’s womb regardless of sex, race or culture has nothing whatsoever to do with perception as regards the existence or non-existence of deities. It doesn’t matter whether or not a person believes in God. Preservation of the 8th Amendment and protection of the right to life is about tolerance, love and understanding. It’s about belief in life and the goodness in others. If we can show this compassion, love and understanding to the weakest of our species and their families then love truly wins.

“Only a self-serving and cowardly government and health service points a distressed woman towards abortion.

“How can we expect society overall to become more understanding and compassionate if we accept ending vulnerable lives as a solution?”