Brazilian variant of Covid-19 carried into Ireland

Mounting deaths from bubonic plague in the Congo

Sligo News File.

Now the Brazilian variant of the Covid-19 has hit the country with at least three cases identified in the last few days.

It is said that all three outbreaks are associated with travel from the South American country.

The variant known as P1, which was first detected in the US in early January, contains a set of additional mutations that may affect its ability to be recognized by antibodies.

Dr. Ronan Glynn said P1 has already been identified in a number of European countries, among them France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

He said that while there was no microbiological or epidemiological evidence of any change in its transmissibility, this was plausible.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has observed in a statement following the G7 summit that the Covid pandemic will continue until everyone on earth is vaccinated.

Meanwhile, health authorities are now also rushing to deal with an outbreak of the deadly bubonic plague – known as the black death plague – in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. So far, more than 30 have died and 530 have fallen ill from the apparently spreading disease.