‘Expedite Programme of Installing Meters On All Users’.

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It is reportedly making much of its robust pre Budget meetings with government, but where over years past was the IFA quite as strong on issues of the tax on the family home, the crazy carbon tax or water charges?

Indeed, was the national farm body’s stance not the very opposite of what it was believed to have been on water charges, for which later the size of the bills became a nightmare for families in rural areas of the west?

We publish below content of a letter the organisation addressed to the Minister Noel Dempsey’s Department of the Environment after the then Fianna Fail government had abolished the charges for domestic water supplies. The letter, dated 18 August 1999, and signed by the secretary of the organisation’s National Industrial & Environmental Committee states: 


IFA Submission on Water Charges
IFA Submission on Water Charges

1. It is IFAs position that all users of water and waste water services, be they domestic or non-domestic should help meet the cost of the provision of these services. It is clearly inequitable for local authorities, government and non-domestic users to meet the full cost of the provision of these services to domestic users while requiring non-domestic and larger commercial/industrial users to meet the capital and operating costs of the provision of services.
2. Charging for water and waste water services should be based on the use of these services by the individuals/companies/households concerned. Accordingly government must expedite its programme of installing metered services on all users, including domestic users.
3. The levying of charges on non domestic users to help meet the capital costs on the provision of services should also be linked to usage.

More recently, a farm body known as the Sligo Farming Platform met with the current chairman of the Sligo IFA, Eddie Davitt in a bid to persuade Sligo IFA to take a stand against the Sligo County Council imposed water levies on the local farming community. Present at the meeting in Cawley’s Hotel, Tubbercurry, were Eddie Davitt, the Chairman of Sligo Farming Platform, Jackie Marren, the acting secretary of Sligo Platform, John Gallagher and Treasurer, Aileen Henry. The meeting lasted almost three hours. No progress was recorded.

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