Bus Eireann services may be back tomorrow but everything subject to improved weather conditions

‘Status Orange’ in place today – many roads throughout region still dangerous.

Sligo News File.

‘Status Orange’ remains in place for Sligo, Leitrim and Roscomoon.

However, a bright spot in the weather reports is that Bus Eireann may be restoring services throughout the region subject to an improvement in conditions tomorrow.

The company said the situation is being kept under review and any information of a resumption of operations will  be circulated.

Although Sligo is said to have the worst of the weather, roads in many areas are still in a dangerous state. If motoring is necessary, drivers have been advised to exercise the greatest care possible. Schools are still out.

Emergency and care services have excelled, ensuring the safety of the elderly and other vulnerable sectors.

Of all, perhaps worst hit are farmers whose activities IFA President Joe Healy has described as “difficult and challenging”, with some dairy farmers struggling to keep water supplies flowing in milking parlours.

In places, livestock farmers involved in calving and lambing are having to tank in fresh water supplies from other sources.

Sligo Today is reporting that local Church attendances at Lenten Masses on the first day of March “were (mostly) measured in dozens rather than hundreds.”

The most unusual sight though was, they say, “the queue outside the Bank of Ireland, instead of inside. However, it’s doors remained shut.

“Busiest financial institution across Sligo yesterday was the post office network.”


STATUS ORANGE – Weather Warning – Be Prepared

This category of ORANGE level weather warnings is for weather conditions which have the capacity to impact significantly on people in the affected areas. The issue of an Orange level weather warning implies that all recipients in the affected areas should prepare themselves in an appropriate way for the anticipated conditions.