There cannot be a fire engine at every crossroads – O’Cuiv

‘Modest grant for fire alarm could protect people and property.’

Sligo News File Online.

TD Eamon O’Cuiv said there cannot be a fire engine “at every crossroads” when he called on the Fianna Fail supported Fine Gael-led Coalition to install smoke alarms in rural dwellings located more than 30 minutes from a fire station.


Eamon O’Cuiv, TD,
Fianna Fail

The Fianna Fail Deputy said the cost would be modest and could avert the threat of “serious damage being caused to people and premises” where fire service response takes longer.


“Response times in rural areas can be much longer than in the larger towns and cities, which leaves rural residents at a serious disadvantage,” he said.

We need to take preventative action in these areas to ensure that the risk of fire and particularly of death or injury to a fire is minimised.”

He said that “out of a population of 4.5 million people, around 80,000 people live in areas with a response time of 30 minutes or more. This equates to approx. 30,000 homes which would qualify for a modest grant to install a high-quality smoke detector.”

Under his proposal, he said, “people living more than 30 minutes away from a Fire Station would qualify for this grant.”

In Sligo, meanwhile, the debt-ridden county council has thrown out a request for the erection of street signs in Ballymote.

Recently co-opted Fianna Fail councillor, Keith Henry said he was only seeking what was already over streets in Tubbercurry and Sligo.

The proposal was knocked on the head when Director of ServicesTom Kilfeather stated that there was no funding for such works.

Kilfeather said the erection of signage would require the permission of property owners.