Casey takes second place with a sensational 21% of the first preference vote

Powerful campaign focussed on excesses of State welfare system.

Sligo News File

Michael D. Higgins is on course to win a second term as president. But it’s the performance of the Derry-based candidate Peter Casey, rising from 1% in the opinion polls to nearly 22% in an RTE Exit Poll that is the talk of the country.

President Michael Daniel Higgins

As predicted by some, including our local pundit John, Casey has powered ahead with a showing that looks as if he will be officially coming in a strong second following a brilliantly executed campaign.

There were howls of indignation when he controversially spoke about travellers in Tipperary reportedly demanding sheds and lands for horses before they were prepared to move into a gleaming €1.7 million housing development near Thurles.

Politicians and chattering classes took to the media with calls for a retraction of what they branded as Casey’s ‘racist’ comments – observations he always maintained were anything but racist. As well, Varadkar reportedly urged the public not to vote for him. In the event, the taunts and the castigation of Casey’s views on the exploding welfare system angered the electorate, and when given the opportunity earlier today to show what they thought of the statements, the electorate voted for Casey on a scale so sweeping that his rating is said to be up on 21%.

Presidential candidate Peter Casey.


A phenomonal result, and surely, too, a resounding message to government and their Fianna Fail partners that the people are weary of carrying the impossible levels of taxation being used
to fund a growing army of persons for whom drawing on generous aid being doled out by the State is a way of life.

The Independent reports that a Red C survey of thousands of people exiting polling stations throughout the day indicates that four of the presidential candidates have polled so poorly they will be unable to claim any expenses from the State.

The Blasphemy Referendum, rolled out with a €3 million price ticket will pass, it’s thought.

It’s believed the official count will show that the turnout has been the lowest ever for a presidential election.