Claremorris lady unveils election manifesto revealing what the political group she formed would do in government

Low paid would be hit with 23% tax.

Jobless would have to work for social welfare allowances.

Sligo News File Online.

A political group seeking a place in the next government will ‘flat tax’ every worker in the country.

CreightonRenua is headed by Lucinda Creighton, a former Fine Gael junior minister from Claremorris. The organisation is proposing to field 18 candidates in the coming general election.

Announcing a general election manifesto she denied is anti-poor, Creighton said the Renua flat tax, designed to “reward work”, would be pitched at 23%. Breaking reports her as saying that if such a rate of tax was good enough for corporations, it was good enough for people.

According to the report, Creighton has said her group favoured water metering and would abolish the €100 water grant. They would introduce a levy on motor fuel.

Pensions of public sector workers would be cut. Incentivising increased public service performance is at the same time a stated central plank of Renua policy.

The unemployed would have to work 20 hours weekly to qualify for social welfare allowances.

Courses designed for needs of industry would be the priority of a reformed leaving certificate.

Local government would be restyled; under Renua plans, every council area would have directly elected mayors.

Those guilty of a third “serious” offence would face a life sentence. Going on previous decisions, the measure would likely be overturned by the European Court.

TDs within the Renua fold would be free to vote in line with their conscience on the Constitutional Amendment on abortion. Renua would not be taking a view on the issue.

A Finbarr Filan is the Renua general election candidate in Sligo. The Mayo Renua candidate is a Michael Farrington.