Clarke to push for review of bail laws.

‘Murder and other crimes committed by suspects on bail.’

Sligo News File Online.

Cllr. Michael Clarke (Ind)
Cllr. Michael Clarke (Ind)

Cllr. Michael Clarke is asking Sligo County Council to call on the Minister for Justice to review the bail laws in the case of persons suspected of violent crime.

In the notice on the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting of the council, he says that the justice department has released data showing nine murders recorded in the first nine months of 2012 were committed by offenders on bail at the time of the killings. Fifty-two murders, manslaughter and sexual offences were committed by persons on bail “from the penal system” in the period 2007, he says.

The Independent councillor also wants the council to ask the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny and Environment Minister Alan Kelly not to seek to have staff levels of the authority reduced further. “If we are to continue to develop Sligo into the Gateway City of the North West and if our outdoor staff are to maintain the County in any sort of reasonable condition, our staff numbers can go no lower.”

Cllr. Hubert Keaney (FG)
Cllr. Hubert Keaney (FG)

Cllr. Hubert Keaney (FG) wants the council to consider a motion condemning all those participating in illegal fuel laundering and to call on the government to immediately implement a plan to eliminate this activity, thus protecting public health, our environment, our farming and food industry and to bring to justice these people, who for their own monitory and criminal gain, continually put the lives and economic welfare of the people of this country at extreme risk.”

Cllr. Marie Casserly (Ind)
Cllr. Marie Casserly (Ind)

Cllr. Marie Casserly (Independent) wants the council  to explore the possibility of allocating an existing member of staff to the position of an Innovation Officer – “someone who is taking the lead for Sligo, positioning it as a location for creative start-ups that don’t want to be part of the usual Dublin story. An exciting lifestyle and dynamic community is here and this needs to be fostered and supported.”

Cllr. Seamus Kilgannon (FF)
Cllr. Seamus Kilgannon (FF)

Councillor Seamus Kilgannon (FF) is proposing to ask the council to call on the Minister for Finance to “urgently Reform DIRT Tax to exempt Old Age Pensioners from this Penal Tax of 41% interest on savings in banks, building societies and credit unions.”


Cllr. Declan Bree (Ind)
Cllr. Declan Bree (Ind)

Councillor Declan Bree (Independent) wants members “to be provided with a report, including the identity of each property rented by the Council, the purpose for which each property is used by the Council, the annual rent paid for each property and the rent paid per square ft, the date on which the rental agreement was entered into in respect of each property and when the lease on each property terminates.”

Cllr. Sean MacManus (Sinn Fein)
Cllr. Sean MacManus (Sinn Fein)

A motion jointly in the names of Sinn Fein Councillors, Sean MacManus and Thomas Healy requests that “the council calls for the abolition of the current proposals to amalgamate the Library Services for counties Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon. Further, that this Council supports the retention of Co Sligo Library Service within the County and that the service be maintained and
protected as a local service for the people of Co Sligo, provided by Sligo County Council.”

Cllr. Joe Queenan (FF)  Cathaoirleach.
Cllr. Joe Queenan (FF)

Cathaoirleach, Cllr. Joe Queenan (FF) is to ask the council to call on the Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney to intervene in the collapse of cattle prices, “which is causing great hardship in the
farming community.”