Coalition’s record on investment in Sligo industrial development profoundly disheartening

Sligo would need hundreds more jobs just to replace those lost pre 2010 alone
Mass of business closures and job losses across the town and county
Continuing emigration from North West

Sligo News File Online.

Richard Bruton, TD, Minister for Jobs.
Richard Bruton, TD,
Minister for Jobs.

Figures released by Jobs Minister Richard Bruton show that Sligo has secured only 270 of the 580 jobs it lost between 2008 and 2010.

The Minister states that the number of people at work in Enterprise Ireland and IDA supported companies has increased by 7% since 2011, but this is contradicted by his own statistics which indicate Sligo would need another 310 jobs just to replace those lost pre 2010.

Sligo has been further undermined by job losses at Elanco, the
announcement by JennaValve that it is no longer interested in proceeding with the development of a manufacturing facility in the town and the transfer of the Aurivo milk processing plant from Barnasraghy to Donegal.

The town’s retail and service sector has been shattered by business
closures, by work that in many cases is relatively poorly paid and
continuing migration and emigration from the area, and the wider
North West region.

It is hardly an exaggeration to say that the region has been brutally
neglected in the lifetime of the current Coalition government.

Bruton, incidentally, was replying to queries from local government
party TD, Tony McLoughlin.