Colreavy demands RTE ‘give country balanced broadcast coverage.’

Public broadcaster ‘major shaper of public opinion has responsibility to ensure all voices given reasonable level of airtime.’
‘Studio in Sligo almost never used for live broadcasts’

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Michael Colreavy, TD,  Sinn Fein
Michael Colreavy, TD,
Sinn Fein

Deputy Michael Colreavy, Sinn Féin’s spokesperson for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources has called for more diverse and regional voices to be heard on RTÉ.

Speaking during a meeting of the Transport and Communications
Committee, Deputy Colreavy said:

“There is a clear regional imbalance in what is broadcast by RTÉ.

“RTÉ is the national broadcaster and therefore there should be a
fair and balanced coverage of issues and opinions from right
around the country.

“There is a studio in Sligo that is almost never used for live broadcasts.

“The use of such a studio would give voice to the people from the
north west and border region.

“The national broadcaster should be part of a participative democracy and should not silence dissenting voices.

“The media must recognise the role that it played in propping up the
false economy of the Celtic Tiger.

“Had RTÉ facilitated more voices who spoke out against the reckless
capitalism and speculating of that time then the county may have been better prepared for the crash which followed.

“Censorship of dissenting voices cannot be continued into the present day and anti-water charge activists, for example, should be given adequate coverage.

“RTÉ is a major shaper of public opinion and so has a responsibility
to ensure that all voices are given a reasonable level of airtime.”