Councillor Clarke should look to impact of the property tax on family homes as well as rents on council tenants

Motion highlighting surge in food and energy costs for debate during Sligo council meeting Monday

Sligo News File

Scheduled for debate during the meeting of Sligo County Council on Monday, Cllr. Michael has submitted a motion bemoaning the impact an increased council executive rent is having on council tenants. He notes that energy and food costs have surged by 20% in the last 24 months with no corresponding increase in social welfare payments. Spot on, councillor. But are many of the homeowners hit with a sweeping surge in the Local Property Tax on their dwellings – a tax rate sanctioned by elected members of the council – not similarly affected? Their social welfare payments haven’t been increased either. There is hardship where incomes are limited – money cannot be plucked from the trees. So, Councillor, why not amend the motion to also call for the unfair property tax burden on the homes of hard-pressed  families to be examined and reported on in the same way you want a report on rents to be produced.