Councillors ditch Tubbercurry Draft Local Area Plan

Proposed scale of restriction on out-of-town development viewed as disproportionate

Sligo News File Online

Councillors have thrown out Tubbercurry’s Draft Local Area Plan.

Teach LaigneThey made the decision after arguing that the scope of the council earmarked out-of-town restricted development zone was too extensive.

The members considered the buffer element of the plan placed before them at last week’s meeting of the Ballymote – Tubbercurry Municipal body would have unfavourable implications in relation to development activities beyond the town boundary, and cause difficulties for farmers and others landowners seeking to secure planning permission within the area of the zone, as recommended

CEO Ciaran Hayes failed to persuade councillors to adopt the plan, which had been prepared by the county council over a several month period, with input from statutory bodies and local community interests.

The cost of preparing a new plan was raised but subsequently dropped after it was pointed out that a substantial volume of  information had already been collected in the context of preparing the existing draft, leaving the disputed scope of the zone the only change to be focussed on.

Discussion of the issue was brought to a conclusion after Cllr. Margaret Gormley (Ind) urged members to scrap the presented draft, and start all over again. A resolution to the effect was agreed by the members.