Crisis in health services caused by ‘bogus budgets and ministerial misadventures’ – Fianna Fail TD

‘Need for additional 1,600 beds, 28 in Sligo alone’

Sligo News File Online.

A Fianna Fail TD apparently believes the rundown of the country’s health service is a recent occurrence.

Ignoring the scale of the neglect visited on the service while a Fianna Health 1Fail-led government was at the helm, Marc MacSharry has instead focussed attention on the last five years of the system

In this time, he says, the service has been starved of resources.

The result of what he describes as a “series of bogus budgets and Ministerial misadventures” has “reduced services, out of control waiting lists and an overcrowding crisis in our Emergency Departments.

To relieve the pressure, “we need an additional 1,600 acute beds; 28 of those in Sligo University Hospital alone,” he said.

He has also called for the rollout of other options.

“There are hundreds of people being cared for in our hospitals who would much prefer to receive this care at home.

“By facilitating this, we would not only give people back the opportunity to live in their own homes, but it would also relieve the pressure on hospital beds.”

The Social Welfare Bill, he added, “provides an opportunity for the government to switch the responsibility for the carer’s allowance to the Department of Health.

“Together with the relaxation of the means test, this may give more people the opportunity, along with other supports such as medical cards, adaptation grants and so on, to have the dignity of being cared for in their own homes.”