Daly in Dail comments on alleged ‘Garda involvement in drug trade’

‘Re-emergence over the past weekend of drugs which had been lost six years ago coming back into the station.’

Sligo News File

During a Dail discussion on supports available to Garda whistleblowers, TD Clare Daly said it has been established that “there has been Garda involvement in the drugs trade
in Athlone.”

Clare Daly, TD

She said: “Critically when Garda officials turned around and said they had not completed their own internal report, GSOC could not publish its report.” As a result, “a Garda whistleblower in the Minister’s constituency, where Garda involvement in the drug trade has been proven not just in Athlone, but also in Laois with the re-emergence over the past weekend of drugs which had been lost six years ago coming back into the station, is out sick and on the floor without any support whatsoever.”

“All of these matters have supposedly been under investigation for four years.”

Responding to points made by the Minister Charlie Flanagan she replied that “he can dress it up anyway he likes but it has been established that there has been garda involvement in the drugs trade in Athlone.

She said: “It is a fact that no action has been taken against those responsible.

“It is a fact that the person who made the allegations is out sick and his senior manager has recently been promoted despite being at the centre of allegations of bullying and harassment. Those allegations have not been investigated.

“We have a mechanism which is not fit for purpose.”

Referencing matters earlier put by Deputy Mick Wallace she said they “were not included even on the agenda.

“There is a huge deficit in the context of accountability, with people inside An Garda Síochána putting their necks on the line and not getting support from the agencies in this State. Deputy Flanagan is the Minister.

“If GSOC is saying it, the whistleblower is saying it and people in this House are saying it; then a lot more needs to be done than is the case at present.

“I think the Minister should investigate and answer the questions that he refused to even table, such as those from Deputy Wallace that were disallowed.”