Debt beleaguered Sligo Council reportedly looking to motorists to help with its finances.

More traffic wardens and broadening of pay and display zones on the way.

Sligo News File Online.

Motorists are reportedly down to play a significant role in helping debt beleaguered Sligo County Council stabilise its finances.

According to accounts, Chief Executive, Ciaran Hayes told this week’s meeting of the council that he sees parking fees as one way to bring in revenue needed to reduce the authority’s roughly €150 million debt load.

Among the measures he apparently outlined is a plan to broaden pay and display zones and put more traffic wardens on the streets of the town.

He is also said to have stressed that there will be greater attention paid to illegal parking and pay and display in the town during 2015.

The council is reckoned to have raked in upwards of €2 million in parking charges in the last year.