Derisory €40,000 for Sligo job creation.

Concern as well over withdrawal of both Blue Flag and Green Coast Award from Enniscrone.

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Sligo is out of luck again after it was awarded only a minor allocation for job creation.

JobsThe government apparently could only find a paltry €40,00 to fund the development of new employment in the county.

Representatives of the main government party Fine Gael and government backers, Fianna Fail, will be greatly disappointed if they expect much public welcome for the trifling sum.

Meanwhile, concern is growing in the West of the county where, for the second year in a row, the Blue Flag has been pulled from Enniscrone 1Enniscrone after the beach failed to meet the bathing water quality requirements for the award. The resort has also lost its Green Coast award. The water quality requirements for the grant of the Green Coast Award are greatly lower than those for the Blue Flag.

Views abound about the source of contaminants feared to be affecting the waters of the bay, and the impact the loss that the flags is having on the area’s appeal and economic activity

The resort’s Ocean Sands is expected to reopen soon, following a fire at the hotel.