Dublin Bay South by-election seat goes Left

Calamitous result for Fianna Fail

Sligo News File

Barry Cowen TD, Fianna Fail

Dublin Bay South by-election is over. Someone on the left named Bacik has taken the seat. Fianna Fail is in state of shock after a nightmare result, taking just 5% of the votes. Agriculture Minister for a short spell, Barry Cowen is demanding a postmortem into the party’s abysmal showing.  Greens fared badly.

Red faced Fine Gael is trying to explain how a major loss is actually a success for them – former TD Kate O’Connell ruled herself out as a candidate for the party. Sinn Fein claim they have done well. Anyway, it’s what party leader Mary Lou is saying.

Justin Barrett of the National Party picked up some votes following his focus on the capital’s massive housing crisis. Party deputy leader and Longford man James Reynolds – no stranger to the North West – put it bluntly saying: ‘We cannot as a nation be expected to house the world before our own people.’

Turnout barely touched the 40%. Evidently, the election didn’t hold much interest for the people of the constituency as a whole.