Enniscrone heading to be top Wild Atlantic Way tourist venue

New facelift and multi-million euro glamping village to drive growth of the West Sligo resort

Sligo News File

If you are a fan of the Enniscrone scene you will be pleased with some of the fabulous improvements the county council is cooking up for the resort.

David McGowan

Money, some €660,000, has come the way of the local authority so they and some locals have been fleshing out ideas for an exciting new look venue. Never mind that the beach with its miles of golden sands hasn’t been able to secure the coveted Blue Flag for years now, the plan being worked on it’s hoped will outshine any such loss.

Heading the agenda, there’s a proposed plan to construct a plaza-type formation in the vicinity of the village centre. This innovative creation, decked out with new look paving and cobblestones, will unfold in an area at the junction with Cliff Road. In this, there’s also a provision for outdoor seating for those who want to relax and watch the world go by. Great stuff, would you agree?

Now, no-one who has ever been to the place will have missed seeing what used to be known as the pavilion – remember the pongo and the slot machines?  Anyway, if you’re kind of sentimental, take a last look for something new is being considered for this elder structure at the Cliff Road entrance to the beach.

Beyond the pavilion, towards the pier, an unmistakable ‘institution’ popularly known as the Old Bathhouse – a fine architectural structure – is also being targeted for a facelift. It doesn’t seem that the place will be ever again used for its original purpose. It’s good to see though that the iconic setting is being preserved and protected.

Additionally, thoughts have been focused on other enhancements: a new community playground is a top of the list plan as well as which a frequently mooted athletics track could be on the cards for the area known as the Castle Field – this used to be where the annual Enniscrone agricultural show was held before it was ‘outsourced’ to nearby Corballa.  

It’s not clear how parking is going to be addressed, especially required larger spaces for camper vans and the like.

However, an amazing part of Enniscrone’s future development, the proposed nearly €5 million project aptly named the Quirky Nights Glamping Village, at the Western end of the resort, is set to be unveiled at an early date. The project has already attracted international attention with its visionary planner David McGowan, an undertaker, and lecturer in the science of the business, featured on the world’s television screens transporting a Russian Boeing 767 jetliner across the Atlantic to the site of his Enniscrone development. David is a member of the noted McGowan family, well-known agricultural exporters, farm distributors and owners of business in Enniscrone, and retail, licensed trade and undertaking enterprises carried on for many years in Easkey by David’s father, Martin John who recently passed away.

The eclectic collection David has to date moved into his Enniscrone base includes a vintage train, double-decker buses, five London taxis, and a yacht. All are intended for conversion to use as accommodation alongside architecturally advanced retail and other buildings for which planning has been approved.

Taking this futuristic project in the pipeline and the exciting improvements earmarked for the rest of this Wild Atlantic Way resort, it’s hard not to conclude but that Enniscrone is destined to emerge – post-Covid – as one of the country’s main tourist attractions and most sought after holiday venues.