Enniscrone hoping for better results in 2019 Blue Flag Awards

Beach has repeatedly failed to secure the flag or Green Coast Award.

Sligo News File.

Although a record number of beaches qualified for the Blue Flag award last year, Enniscrone was not among them.

Now, many in the West Sligo resort are hoping for better news in 2019.

The resort has failed to gain the flag for several years now despite; it’s understood promises to have the beach brought up to award standard.

The Blue Flag, which demonstrates good environmental standards and safety facilities is awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education and managed in Ireland by An Taisce.

An Taisce operates the Green Coast Award, an award which Enniscrone has also lost. The award is made to beaches that meet bathing water quality standards but also retain their natural, unspoilt environment.

It believed a river or stream flowing out from the immediate area and into the waters of the bay has been contributing to problems that have led to the beach failing to measure up for the award of the flag and Green Coast Award.

Some families are reluctant to take their children to beaches where a Blue Flag is not displayed.