Euro MEPs salaries and allowances envy of Irish workers and farmers

Newspaper reports on a pension pot of just under €1.5 million.

Sligo News File.

Just under 60 candidates are currently contesting the European Parliament elections across Ireland’s three constituencies.

Nineteen have been declared in Dublin, seventeen in Midlands North West and 23 in the South.

Seats in the parliament are worth nearly €9,000 per month apiece, on top of which there is also a block of allowances and subsidies to be had – more by far that some workers or farmers in the State could ever hope to enjoy.

Reporting on the retirement of an MEP, a newspaper claims that he will be entitled to severance payments of more than  €350,000 over the next two years as well as a pension pot of…€1.4 million.

Ireland contributed €2 billion to the EU in 2017 and received just €1.8 billion from the EU budget in the same period. The country continues to be a net contributor. If the UK pulls out, Ireland’s contribution to the EU will increase while payments from the EU to Ireland will, it is expected drop substantially.