Excavation works at junction Hughes Bridge and Ballast Quay ongoing over next few weeks – Sligo County Council.

HGVs travelling along Ballast Quay in direction of Hughes Bridge/Inner Relief Road required to turn right onto Pirn Mill Road from where Inner Relief Road can be accessed at Junction S8.

Sligo News File Online.

Hughes Bridge, Sligo 1Sligo County Council have notified road users that excavation works, which have commenced at the junction of Sligo’s Hughes Bridge and Ballast Quay, will be ongoing over the next two to three weeks.  The works relate to the diversion of utilities such as Eircom, UPC, ESB and other services.

To fully facilitate the works, the authority have stated that all Heavy Goods Vehicles travelling along Ballast Quay in the direction of Hughes Bridge/Inner Relief Road will be required to turn right onto Pirn Mill Road from where they can access the Inner Relief Road at junction S8.  All other motorists may continue along Ballast
Quay and turn left onto Hughes Bridge.

“Hughes Bridge will continue to be reduced to one lane for northbound traffic for much of the coming fortnight.  Delays are inevitable and motorists are advised to plan ahead and allow an extra 10 minutes journey time, particularly during the
morning and evening peaks.

“As always”, the authority added,  “we continue to urge all road users to exercise caution when traversing the bridge as construction plant and machinery will be moving between different work locations.”