Families to see tax on their home rocket to new record high

‘One of the most regressive taxes ever introduced’ says Sinn Fein

Sligo News File

Say Hello to more local taxation. Yes, the iniquitous levy on the family home is to be raised to a new record high. This is the reported message in the Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Green coalition National Economic Plan. Families are to be screwed for an additional €100 a year – or more – on top of the sweeping tax they are already being forced to pay on their home, the oil or coal to heat it and so much more.

The news comes in the wake of salary increases for TD’s and proposed several thousand extra in rewards for councillors contributing a part-time few hours to the running of local authorities.

Sinn Fein has denounced the whole local property lark on families as “one of the most regressive taxes that was ever introduced.” It’s a denunciation certainly most families will no doubt fully agree with.

The party’s Eoin O’Broin said the tax took no account whatsoever of a family’s ability to pay. So right he is – the three coalition parties cosy in their comfortable salaried life aren’t likely to care about the impact of the measure. The tax attacks everyone: the sick, the elderly, even families with barely a crumb to their name.

Surely if ever there was a reason for ditching what is now passing as a government, this mindless taxation alone justifies them being given the boot at the earliest.