Farm Council package must be fair to beef and sheep farmers – ICSA

Beef and sheep farmers under as much pressure as  dairy sector

Sligo News File Online

ICSA president Patrick Kent has said any extra funds for farmers resulting from the crisis Farm Council meeting in Brussels would have to adequately reflect the fact that beef and sheep farmers are under every bit as much pressure as the dairy sector.  

Patrick Kent, President, Irish Cattle & Sheep Farmers Association.
Patrick Kent, President, Irish Cattle & Sheep Farmers Association.

Welcoming the possibility of a 70% advance of the Basic Payment in October, he said that “beef and sheep farmers’ incomes will still be worse than dairy farmers even when they have a crisis.

“It has to be acknowledged that the closure of the Russian market for meat products is impacting on beef, …and extra pigmeat on EU markets is causing pressure on EU prices for all meats. 

“Of course, the headline figures point to the level of price fall for dairying.  However, for cattle and sheep farmers, our income won’t drop spectacularly because it was never above subsistence level to begin with. 

“Therefore, any additional support package needs to treat all farming sectors fairly,” he said.