Fianna Fail backed Fine Gael-Independent Coalition pressed to open inquiry into alleged NAMA leaks

‘Extremely important that all of the transactions involving any of the assets which were the subject of leaks be examined’

Sligo News File Online

Marc MacSharry, TD, Fianna Fail
Marc MacSharry, TD,
Fianna Fail

Newly elected Sligo-Leitrim TD Marc MacSharry wants the Fianna Fail-backed Fine Gael/Independent Coalition to launch an investigation over concerns surrounding information allegedly leaked by the National Asset Management Agency about assets of the agency.

The Fianna Fail Deputy said:

“As I understand it, information in relation to approximately 800 Nama clients, including the identity of property assets, valuations of those assets and loan values, were leaked and may have been received by entities who ultimately bid and purchased those assets. For this reason it is essential in the public interest that the Government establishes a full independent investigation into the Nama leaks and their relationship, if any, to property sales.”

He added that “it is extremely important that all of the transactions involving any of the assets which were the subject of leaks be examined to see whether those who bought these assets had access to any information which may have given them an unfair advantage in the purchasing of these properties from Nama.”

Main opposition Sinn Fein calls for end to water metering

Dail main opposition party Sinn Fein has called on Irish Water to drop the controversial water metering programme.

Eoin O'Broin, TD, Sinn Fein
Eoin O’Broin, TD,
Sinn Fein

TD Eoin O’Broin, Sinn Fein spokesman on Water services, said his party and the other Right 2 Water TDs “will be tabling a private members motion in two weeks time calling for the abolition of water charges and Irish Water.

“As a majority of TDs in the 32nd Dáil campaigned to end water charges we expect this motion to be passed.

“If it fails to pass it will be because politicians who promised to oppose water charges during the election did not keep their word.”

Commenting on the metering programme, O’Broin said Sinn Fein has consistently argued that water meters “were the wrong use of €500 million

“We said this money should have been invested in fixing the water infrastructure which is the main source of water wastage.

The Minister responsible for water services, Simon Coveney, should he said, “contact Irish Water management and instruct them to stop their metering project.

“No more tax payers money should be wasted on this controversial scheme until the future of water and sanitation service delivery is clear.”