Fine Gael plummet in poll ratings

Falling public confidence in Fianna Fail-backed government.

Sligo News File.

Public confidence in the Fianna Fail-backed Fine Gael government has slumped.

According to the latest Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll Fine Gael is now down to 31 percent – hardly surprising given the sweeping scale of evictions and homelessness. Fianna Fail, on 26%, is seen to be struggling as usual with an increase of just one percent on the last poll.

Micheal Martin is still trailing Leo Varadkar in the leader popularity show. Both, however, have failed to maintain their rating of a few months ago. Varadkar has tumbled by five points from 60% to 55%, while Martin, in the runner-up slot, has fallen from 42% to 40%.

Labour is up one taking them up to 5 percent while Independents & Others are down from 18% to 16% percent.

Despite the government’s appalling neglect of rural parts of the country and its treatment of the farming sector during the fodder crisis farmers continue to be the backbone of the Fine Gael party.