Government agrees to allow thousands of immigrants into Ireland

No provision for the existing countless homeless Irish children and parents walking the streets in search of a home

Sligo News File Online

The Government has reportedly agreed to take 3,000 immigrants from Syria, Eritrea and Iraq into the country. This includes 500 the Coalition offered to accept under a previous resettlement plan.

It would seem that the number being imposed on Ireland has been arbitrarily decided by the EU, with the immigrants to be given preference for accommodation without regard to the thousands of homeless Irish  children and parents currently unable to find a place to live in the state.

The Coalition is also being arm-twisted to allow the new intake of immigrants to work, raising fears this will result in huge downward pressure on wages, especially in lower paid occupations, to which it is expected  immigrants in increasing numbers will likely be attracted.

It is not apparent that there has been any serious government assessment of the massive impact this is destined to have on overcrowded and staff starved hospitals, on schools and other public services. Warnings of  future sweeping chaos in the services sector have gone ignored in much the same manner the looming economic catastrophe of a few years ago was dismissed by the previous government, and which the current Coalition forced the people to pick up the cost of in higher taxes, charges, levies, heavy cuts in incomes, services and other austerity extremes.

People have not been told that provision has also been made under family reunification rules for relatives to join the 3,000 in Ireland at a later date. Based on figures reportedly recited by the Tanaiste Joan Burton when speaking of the Bosnian refugees brought here a few years ago, the 3,000 now entering Ireland will swell to 30,000 (that is 10 new immigrants to each one already in the state) This also could escalate to a greatly higher figure if the government succumbs to demands being made by some ‘soldiers of the left’, church figures and various voluntary organisations to allow still more than the 3,000 (and relatives) to take up residence here.