Government allocates €12 million of the budget for abortion and five euros for pensioners

Nothing much in budget for farming and struggling rural economy.

Homeless must wait.

Hospitality industry rammed with sweeping hike in VAT.

Sligo News File.

The budget has offered a little spread thinly over many sectors. Five euros for pensioners, same for welfare recipients and others.

Some small reliefs for some in farming, similar for rural maintenance. But major blow to the rural hospitality industry where the prevailing 9% VAT rate has been hiked to a potentially crippling 13.5%.

Dublin’s homelessness crisis jars with narrative of Irish economic boom – Guardian

No early cheer for the homeless, four thousand of them children left to suffer in emergency accommodation, if not on the street.

Greens and tree huggers are disappointed carbon tax has been sidelined. Some eco-warriors are understood to be worried that the end of the world is nigh because of Irish families escaping jacked up emission levies.  

The big budget winner is abortion service, for which the government has allocated €12 million – suggesting infant killing procedures are destined to be offered free, and also even at the  expense of taxpayers who opposed the introduction of abortion in the referendum. 

Micky Martin, the leader of the Fianna Fail outfit helping to keep the Fine Gael-led government in place, has reportedly contacted the Taoiseach, Varadkar to seek an extension of the confidence and supply agreement.

Brexit and shaky global economy threats are looming.