Government announced broadband service to rural Sligo may be years away.

U-turn on undertaking network construction to begin in 2015.

Sligo News File Online.

Current Minister for Communications, Alex White (Lab)
Current Minister for Communications, Alex White (Lab)

Sligo-based business activity has suffered a setback with news that promised early delivery of urgently needed high speed broadband to rural areas of the county has been deferred – if not shelved indefinately in the case of some locations previously identified for connection to the service.

Rollout of the fibre optic technology to every town and village of the county was promised by the government last April, with an undertaking that construction of the network would begin in 2015.

But now the County Council has been informed that provision of
the service to the rural hinterland is being postponed, and for
some places it could be even many years before the technology
is laid on.

A Department of Communications official reportedly told last
Monday’s meeting of the authority that the development was
going to be an extraordinarily large infrastructural development
set to cost hundreds of millions of euro.

Urban areas of high population density such as Sligo town will
have the the high speed service but it will be 2016 before it
happens. However, for rural areas everything is being put on
the long finger, meaning any raised expectations of economic
growth or attraction of enterprise needing the support of the new
technology in order to locate in Sligo’s rural towns and villages
are effectively being dashed by government, as is, by extension,
provision of high speed broadband to householders in the area
for the foreseeable future

Despite the apparent government u-turn on the service to rural
Sligo, councillors have not indicated any intention to seek
a meeting with the Minister on the issue.