Government announces move to renovate derelict council houses.

Sligo allocated €17,000 to make rundown structures inhabitable.

Sligo News File Online

The Government has announced funding for the rehabilitation of abandoned old local authority houses to accommodate families evicted from their homes.

Some 140 derelict or disused Sligo structures are to be restored for which €17,000 per structure has been granted.

Across the country, families are being evicted from their homes on an ever increasing scale. Sleeping on the streets has become the norm for many people and their children. Scandalously, it’s happening after the The government refused to accept billions in back taxes from the Apple corporation – a figure the EU ruled is due to Ireland – which could have ended the suffering being endured by so many.

Local Fine Gael TD, Tony McLoughlin says that overhauling derelict or vacant dwellings is “a key plank of Minister Simon Coveney’s radical new ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ housing plan.”