Government clearing way for major influx of migrants?

Sligo News File Online

Fears are growing that the government is moving to allow thousands of migrants to travel to Ireland.

Ministers are being put under heightening pressure to admit more than the 600 they originally agreed to take following an EU response to conditions in the Mediterranean.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel last week named Ireland as one of three countries she said was not doing enough to tackle the migrant crisis.

A number of left leaning politicians and NGO representatives are also demanding a major increase in the agreed quota – with some calling for the removal of all restrictions on entry.

The country is currently still suffering the effects of the worst economic and social depression in its history – tens of thousands are homeless, hospitals and schools are struggling to cope with the demand on services and secure and meaningful employment in most areas remains at an extreme low, forcing more and more younger
people and families to seek work and prospect of better living conditions abroad.

This is thought to account to a considerable extent for the results of a recent MRBI Poll that showed 52% of the electorate was opposed to allowing migrants to resettle here.

Data published cross channel has confirmed that Britain’s foreign-born population has now exceeded eight million, indicating one in eight of those living there were born abroad.