Government gutting local Home Care scheme

Sligo – Leitrim Care packages slashed by 17%.

Sligo News File.

The Government is cutting vital Home Care packages with cuts of 17% in the last couple of years, according to a local TD

Sligo – Leitrim Fianna Fail Deputy Eamon Scanlon said the cutback in the number of packages in his constituency is a cause for concern.

“Home care packages enable people well enough to be discharged from hospital to return home.

“They get the care they need from the comfort of their own home, providing peace of mind for patients and their families,” he said.

Questioning why reason the reduction in Sligo – Leitrim “when the national figure shows an increase,” he said “there is now a situation where even if people are approved for a home care package, they are placed on a waiting list until one becomes available. This is deeply unfair.”

He said:

“The Health Minister has confirmed that a new statutory scheme is being designed and that a report is due to be handed over to Minister Jim Daly in the next few weeks.

“We need to see an increase in the number of home care packages that are made available and a reduction in waiting lists for patients who have been approved.

“Home care packages are extremely popular because they allow people to receive the care they need in the comfort of their own homes. It also frees up beds in hospitals and nursing homes, and reduces the cost of care to the State.

“I am urging Ministers Harris and Daly to ensure that this new scheme is progressed without delay and that the necessary resources are allocated to these packages to ensure that everyone who qualifies for a home care package has access to one and that capacity is substantially increased here in Sligo and Leitrim to cater for the demand,” he added.