Government hits the people with punishing multimillion carbon tax in bid to stop the use of coal, gas, heating oil and turf for home heating

Cross channel Health Alliance proposing climate tax on meat.

Sligo News File.  

Calls for a ban on coal, gas, heating oil, wood, and even turf are growing ever louder. Already, indeed, the government has begun to wade in with potentially crippling climate taxes designed to discourage the use of the fuels, claiming that unless the people end their reliance on what has been used to heat homes and cook over for thousands of years the planet will come crashing down under the weight of the emissions within the next few years. Claims surrounding threats to the planet are, of course in some cases as ludicrous as they are wild, so much so that innumerable leading scientists the world over are understandably dismissing them out of hand. Canadian expert, Dr. Patrick Moore is one of the many to have over and over again not only insisted that there is no climate emergency but has also published stacks of well-researched data which turns much of what is being rolled out from certain scientific and political quarters on its head. A book he is about to publish will, he says, “prove that most of the scare stories about the future of the environment and climate are fake.”

Now, yet another body, this one calling itself the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, comprising a group of organizations representing professionals across Britain’s health care sector, and including it’s stated, the Royal College of Nursing and the British Medical Association is reportedly proposing that the government there should slap a tax on foods – unless the food industry takes certain action on its own.

In an article on the campaign, Global Citizen references the latest report of the Alliance entitled “All Consuming: Building a Healthier Food System for People and Planet”, published 4 November, stating that the report argues that to tackle the climate crisis it is important to reduce consumption of foods that cause high amounts of carbon emissions.

More sustainable diets, such as including more vegetables with meals and eating less meat and dairy, are advocated as being better for human health.

The Alliance report concludes, says Global Citizen, that “it will be impossible to keep global temperatures at safe levels unless there is a transformation in the way the world produces and consumes food.”

The body, it adds, suggests that unless voluntary action is taken by the food industry by 2025, a “food carbon tax should be levied on all food producers according to the carbon footprint of their products.”