Government allocates millions of euro to Sligo Leader Partnership

Local action groups will be invited to submit ideas on how funding should be spent

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Tony McLoughlin, TD, Fine Gael.
Tony McLoughlin, TD,
Fine Gael.

Sligo has been granted a multi-million euro funding package for Leader elements of the government’s Rural Development Programme.

The allocation, amounting to €7,655, 647.81, has been welcomed by Fine Gael Sligo-Leitrim TD, Tony McLoughlin.

The fund will be used to support sustainable economic development projects for rural communities of the county ranging from tourism, agri-food and various other business activities.

Social inclusion, rural isolation as well as increasing the capacity of rural communities to participate in economic development are
key priorities the programme is designed to tackle.

Tubbercurry TrailCommenting on today’s government announcement, Deputy McLoughlin said he had seen first-hand “the brilliant work which
Chris Connolly and his team in Sligo Leader Partnership have done throughout the years in many different rural areas of County

“For those who do not know, the Leader programme is all about community led projects and it is focused on making the economic
recovery local.

“Once approval for the programme has been given the green light by the European Commission, local cction groups in the county will
be invited to submit ideas for how funding should be spent. In fact, I have already met with a number of these local groups, where funding is needed to advance their local community projects and I have arranged meetings with Sligo LEADER to begin advanced discussions in preparation for this funding announcement.” 

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He said: “Fine Gael is committed to empowering rural Ireland, to giving the local people of County Sligo the opportunity to identify where the LEADER programme funding should go and in controlling the allocation at a local level.

“Due to the new Local Government Reform Act 2014, this money will be controlled at a local level and therefore the allocation of resources will be much more targeted, cost effective and efficient. Streamlining operations at a local level should maximise the funding available to support important projects and the local communities in the county.

“Employment is growing in every region in Ireland. We plan to continue the progress by enabling businesses to create 40,000 jobs this year and aim to restore full employment by 2018. This LEADER funding is a further commitment in our goal of securing the recovery in all areas of Ireland” concluded McLoughlin.

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The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny has announced that Mayo is
to receive €11 million in Leader funding between now and 2020.

Under the programme, €350,000 is earmarked for the ongoing development of a greenway from Killala to Moyne Abbey, and
€200,000 for a project at Belleek Castle, Ballina.

Killala-based W.M. Carr & Sons has been approved for grant aid
of €82,800.