Harris survives no-confidence vote after Fianna Fail abstained

‘Sleeveen politics now the order of the day.’

Sligo News File.

A Sinn Fein vote of no confidence in Harris, the Health Minister, 
was defeated by a mere five votes when government partners Fianna Fail abstained. Galway Independent Catherine Connolly also abstained.

Fianna Fail leader Micky Martin …party abstained on no-confidence vote

Independents Noel Grealish, Michael Lowry and Denis Naughten voted with the Government.

Fianna Fail has said that supporting the Sinn Fein motion would be wrong in view of Brexit.

Backbencher John McGuinness said he didn’t know why his Fianna Fail party was not backing the Sinn Fein motion.

Following the vote, Harris went on about the ballot box and the Armalite to which, he said Sinn Fein had now added the soapbox and the no-confidence motion.

Sinn Fein said sleeveen politics was now the order of the day.