Hospital trolley crisis up at new record high

Massive 10,000 on trolleys last month.

Sligo News File.

Still climbing. Not even the possibility of an election backlash appears to have moved the government to take the hospital trolley crisis any way seriously. Government and their Fianna Fail backers apparently assume that support for their party candidates will as ever be the same come election day.

According to figures from the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation more than 10,000 were waiting on trolleys in the last month, April, rated the worst April on record.

The bedless figure for Sligo was 446. The figure for Letterkenny was just marginally less, at 420.

Countrywide, 70,000 are on waiting lists for necessary procedures.

How much worse must things get before even a small improvement is brought about? Indeed, is anything useful to be gained by supporting candidates if the best to come is more of the same disastrous bed shortage carry on?