Increase in TB valuation for pedigree bulls

Market value increased by €1500.

“Poorest” family farmers locked out of Glas scheme.

Sligo News File Online.

The maximum valuation for a pedigree bull under the TB market valuation scheme has been increased to €5,000.

ICSA says the previous maximum of €3,500 did not reflect the marketplace reality for suckler farmers who wished to run a bull “with the the most desirable genetics with their herd.”

The association maintains that the change will have only a minimal impact on Department of Agriculture TB budget because “the incidence of TB among pedigree bulls is tiny.”

Issues surrounding farmers not being permitted to buy in livestock where there is a TB outbreak continues to be a sore point with them, says the association.

In Sligo, Fianna Fail Councillor Eamon Scanlon has accused the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney of eliminating badly off family farmers from the Glas scheme.

Cllr. Eamon Scanlon, Fianna Fail
Cllr. Eamon Scanlon,
Fianna Fail

He said that “around 2,500 farmers across the country have been excluded from the environmental programme, despite the majority of them being on low incomes.

“This is further proof, if any was needed, that Minister Coveney does not understand the challenges facing small farmers,” Scanlon said in a statement.

“His management of the GLAS scheme has ensured that the bigger and better off farmers have been approved for payments, while excluding farmers whose land quality is not as good as those in Tier 1 and Tier 2.

“This is a major flaw in the GLAS grading system and should be reviewed as a matter of urgency.”