Ireland will have to fight ‘tooth and nail’ to retain constitutional amendment to protect the lives of babies in the womb

Allegation of funds pumped into Ireland to void the people’s Eighth Amendment of the Constitution.

Sligo News File

There’s apparently a convergence of outside bodies muscling in on Ireland in a bid to bring down the Eighth Amendment, a measure which the people inserted in the Constitution to protect the lives of Irish children in the womb.

Reports of out-of-country fund raising campaigns are said to be coming to light as are accounts of huge donations directly to pro-abortion bodies here.

Separately, a report in today’s Irish Independent alleges that a British headquartered newspaper, the UK Times, Ireland Edition, is using Facebook data to influence the result of the upcoming abortion referendum.

The ‘paper reports that the pro-life side of the abortion campaign “has frequently accused ‘The Times, Ireland Edition’ of being biased in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment.”

They reference a recent pro-choice story in ‘The Sunday Times’ headlined: “HSE used Eighth to try and force me to have a caesarean” which they say has been appearing as a
sponsored post from the paper in Facebook users’ feeds.

Pro-Life campaigner John McGuirk is stated to have claimed that ‘The Times’ was “targeting a news story at women who might be voting No on #repealthe8th” and outlined a theory arguing that they were “actively campaigning for a yes vote.”

The claim, states the Independent’ has been rejected as “not true” by Richie Oakley, Editor of ‘The Times, Ireland Edition,’